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Lincoln and the government printer disagreed over language in the President's first message to a special session of congress called three months after the Civil War began. Lincoln wrote that southern leaders were clouding the real causes of the conflict in talk of state sovereignty and the constitutional right of secession. He wrote, "With rebellion thus sugar coated they have been drugging the public mind of their section for more than 30 years."

The printer objected to this passage and wrote a note to the President before he set it into type. Indignantly he said, "You have used an undignified expression in the message... A message to Congress is a different affair from a speech in a mass meeting in Illinois... I would alter the structure of that if I were you."

Lincoln's response? --- "That word expresses precisely my idea... The time will never come in this country when the people won't know exactly what sugar coated means!" The printer set the type and the message stood as written.
--- As reported in Abraham Lincoln And The Second American Revolution by James McPherson

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Yankee soldiers complained a lot but on occasion one wrote home saying they could tough out the roughest conditions. H. R. Leonard of Indiana was one.---
"I have layed down in the rain and slep all night and got up in the morning driping wet and cold and hungry. But I see my comrads in the same fix and think it no worse for me than for them. We have all the chestnuts and persimmons we can eat every day... We can live in the woods like hogs."
--- Bell Wiley's The Life Of Billy Yank.

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A man named Lincoln stood near the edge of a railroad platform as a train came rushing in. The crowd surged forward and Lincoln teetered at the platform edge about to fall into the trains' path. The hand of a stranger named Booth reached out, grabbed his coat and pulled him back to safety. Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the President, had just been saved by Edwin Booth, brother of the man who would be the Presidents' assassain.
----- Carl Sandburg, "Lincoln The War Years"

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Did a lack of coffee lose the war? Well,,, most likely not. But it was sorely felt among Confederate troops. In January, 1862 word came to the Washington Light Infantry that there would be no more coffee rations. To these German soldiers a funeral was in order. Then someone pierced a coffee pot with an arrow and it was carried through the camp streets with scores of marchers and pall bearers in proper mournful attitude. A sign on one side of the pot said "No more grounds for complaint." Another said "the last grind." After the parade some preaching and singing was done and the pot was placed in the flames in a final gesture of fare-well as the last grounds burned. Primary source for this story is...
--- Bell Irvine Wiley, The Life Of Johnny Reb."

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