Black Experience and Impact

Slavery and it's impact on both Black and White America was certainly central to the meaning of the Civil War. Here we have books which explore the varaious aspects of slavery and books on the Black military experiences as well.


"American Slavery: 1619-1877" by Peter Kolchin, Eric Foner - (Editor)

This is a truely excellent single volume interpretive history of slavery in America. From it's very beginnings here to it's violent end, slavery brought economic power, social conscience and great tragedy to the New World. Here, in a succinct and powerful treatment are the "why's and where-fore's" of it all. In the colonies which became the United States it started pervasively, north and south. But by the 1770's it was mainly a southern institution. And it varied in it's nature from one colony or state to another. (Sometimes from county to county!)Why? How? Could it have been otherwise? Good questions. And some solid answers are put forward here.

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"Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery" by Robert William Fogel, Stanley L. Engerman

The book is an in depth and massive study of slavery written to make statistics apply to the human story. The average slave lived on 4100 calories per day. The slave's living space was often greater than the average northern white factory worker. The slave life span was greater than many white workers in New York, Boston or Philedelphia in 1850. Yet the book is by no means an apology for, or endorsement of slavery. One reader rated the book a "10" saying it is a "must for any serious student of 19th cnetury America." On the other hand. another rates it only a "4" saying it is "poorly written and disorganized."

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"Free at Last: A Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom, and the Civil War" by Ira Berlin, Barbara J. Fields, Steven Miller, Joseph reidy

Some of the most engrossing letters to come from American history. Personal testimonies, transcripts and records flesh out this gripping description of the drama of emancipation during the Civil War. This book was described by the New York Times as "This generation's most significant encounter with the American past!" This volume is drawn from the award winning "Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation."

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"The Narrative of Sojourner Truth" by Sojourner Truth, Margaret Washington-Editor

The most remarkable Sojourner Truth tells her own story. She discussed her years as a slave in up-state New York and the spiritual revelations she said turned her into an abolitionist and women's rights activist. The most famous of lady slaves in America tells her own stirring story.

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"Harriet Tubman: The Moses of Her People" by Sarah Bradford

Harriet Tubman came to be called the "Moses of Her People" because she not only escaped from slavery herself with the help of the Underground Railroad; she made repeated trips back into slave states to bring more people out. This book tells her remarkable story of deternination, courage and luck. Once free herself, she still had family in bondage. This she could not tolerate. So she went back and back again and again. Hariet Tubman had compassion and idealism but she also understood reality and the need to be tough. As when she carried a pistol and threatened to shoot one whom she was rescuing if he did not keep moving with her. She was a fascinating woman. Her story is too!

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"North Star to Freedom : The Story of the Underground Railroad" by Gena K. Gorrell

A JUVENILE TITLE IS WHAT THIS BOOK IS CALLED BUT... Did you know that the use of the words "Canaan" and "The Promised Land" was often taken as meaning Canada in the slave's spiritual songs? You might get this one for your 6th through 10th grader but be sure you read it yourself. It is a wonderful and honest treatment of slavery and the brave people who traveled and ran the Underground Railroad. In 1793 Canada legislated eventual freedom for all of it's slave and declared slaves from the United States to be free. Some who traveled the railroad went to northern states, others to Canada but all traveled a perilous route. This book chronicles their story in a highly informative and entertaining way.

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"Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves : Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth Century America" by Kirk Savage

A history of race in america as seen through sculptures and monuments from the Civil War. Prior to and during the war there was practically no representation of slaves in this art. After the war, blacks were depicted but nearly always in the old stereotypes of the kneeling slave. It is no surprise that the monuments and statues included the soldiers but the celebratory art work was almost never to include the emancipated. As America struggled to find the meaning of the Civil War, the lessons were often expressed in the art of the most active time of monument building in our history. What those monuments are and how they came into being is a great story which provides a great perspective on the race issues of America.

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"The Fires of Jubilee : Nat Turner's Fierce Rebellion" by Stephen B. Oates

One of America's premier Civil War historians wrote this penetrating reconstruction of one of the most disturbing and crucial slave uprisings in American history. The New York Times called it "A vivid and excellent narrative account." "I was hooked!" said one reader, "absolutely riveting!" The "Turner rebellion" struck absolute terror among slave owners in the south and shocked people in the north as well. And while rumor blew it out of proportion, Oates points in engrossing terms to the fact that the truth itself was dramatic enough.

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"The Abolitionists and the South, 1831 - 1861" by Stanley Harvold

Here is a book with empahsis on abolitionists active in the SOUTH. Stanley effectively makes the reader see that abolitionism while most prominent in the north, was also actively pursued in the south. He makes the case that Southerners in fact were as concerned about abolition sentiment in their own midst in the upper south as they were in the north. This book fills an important niche in understanding the impacts of the abolition movement.

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"The Amistad Slave Revolt and American Abolition" by Karen Zeinert

A JUVENILE TITLE listed for middle and highschool reader. This story is not to be confused with the movie which was fiction. This book is history. Cinque and his 52 followers were slaves who took over the slave ship "Amistad" at sea and ordered it's crew to sail back to Africa. The crew instead saild to Long Island where it was captured by the U.S. Navy and a landmark trial ensued. Good reading for all despite it's target reading audience.

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Black Confedarates: Soldiers and Civilians

" The Forgotten Confederates: An Anthology About Black Southerners" Charles Kelly Barrow, Editor

The Title says what we know.

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"Black Southerners in Gray" by Richard Collins

A good over view of the Black soldier experience in the Confederate armies.

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"The Black Phalanx: African American Soldiers in the War of Independence, the War of 1812 and the Civil War" by Joseph T. Wilson

The title says what we know!

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"Fighting Men: A Chronicle of Three Black Civil War Soldiers" by John Zubritsky

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" The Black Infantry in The West- 1869 to 1891" by Arlen L. Fowler

This is obviously POST Civil War period but it is a good "follow up" piece to the Civil War.

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