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These are the latest books we know of on Civil War topics.

In fact some are not yet available! But if you order our, supplier (Amazon) will ship your books as soon as they become available.

---New February of 1998---

" The Curse of Cain: The Untold Story of John Wilkes Booth" by Theodore J. Nottingham

This book is for those who like to read that Booth didn't do it alone. Nottingham makes some strange claims here. Not the least of which is that friends helped Booth escape to Asia where he lived in personal agony and remorse before returning to the United States. Maybe it is entertaining. (I however do not believe it. It is here because we have a committment to letting you know about the new releases we know about.)

Order in Paper Back "The Curse of Cain..." for under $11.00.

" Like Men of War Black Troops in the Civil War " by Noah Andre Trudeau

Kirkus reviews calls this book "another solid contribution to Civil War literature." It is the first recent comprhensive history of black soldiers in the Union Army.

Order in Hardcover... "Like Men of War..." for under $21.00.

"Re-electing Lincoln: The Presidential Election of 1864" by John C. Waugh

Order in Hardcover "Re-electing Lincoln..." for under $22.00.

"Voices of the Civil War - Atlanta" by Time-Life Books

This is an audio cassette book.

Order in Audio Cassette... "Voices of the Civil War - Atlanta..." for under $9.00.

"Honor's Voice: The Emergence of Abraham Lincoln" by Douglas Wilson

This is an audio cassette book.

Order in Audio Cassette "Honor's Voice..." for under $22.00.

"Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers: A history of the 6th Louisiana Volunteers" by James Gannon

Order in Hardcover... "Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers..." for under $24.00.

"Never Were Men So Brave: The Irish Brigade in the Civil War" by Susan Provost Beller

Juvenile Book

Order in Hardcover... "Never Were Men So Brave..." for under $11.00.

"A Rising Star of Promise: The Wartime Diary and Letters of David Jackson Logan, 17th South Carolina Volunteers" by Samuel Thomas, Jason H. Silverman, Samuel N. Thomas

Order in Hardcover... "A Rising Star of Promise..." for under $21.00.

"Rose Cottage Chronicles: Civil War Letters of the Bryant-Stephens families of North Florida" by Arch Frederic Blakey

Order in Paper Back "Rose Cottage Chronicles..." for a price unknown at this time.

"Six Armies in Tennessee: The Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns" by Steven E. Woodworth

Order in Hardcover... "Six Armies in Tennessee..." for under $21.00.

---New, December of 1997---

" The Day Lincoln Was Shot" by Jim Bishop

A classic piece of Civil War era history available again in this reprint edition. You will live the last day of Abraham Lincon minute by minute with each of the major figures in his final 24 hours. I have read this book many times and each time it provides new and fascinating "nuggets." Knowing the outcome only helps to build the suspense and tension. I choose the word carefully when I say, "This is a great book."

Order in Hardcover "The Day Lincoln Was Shot..." for under $6.00.

" Drawn With The Sword: Reflections on the American Civil War" by James M. McPherson

Order in Paper Back "Drawn With The Sword..." for under $12.00.

" The Gettysburg Nobody Knows" by G. S. Boritt / Harry W. Pfanz

Order in Hardcover "The Gettysburg Nobody Knows..." for under $20.00.

" Grant Wins The War: Decision at Vicksburg" by James R. Arnold


Order in Hardcover "Grant Wins The War..." for $30.00.

" Just What War Is: The Civil war Writings of DeForest and Beirce" by Michael W. Schaefer

Order in Hardcover "Just What War Is..." for $36.00.

" Turned Inside Out: Recollections of a Private Soldier in the Army of the Potomad" by Frank Wilkeson

Order in Paper Back "Turned Inside Out..." for under $10.00.

" Abraham Lincoln, Constitutionalism and Equal rights in the Civil War Era" by Herman Betz

Order in Paper Back "Abraham Lincoln, Constitutionalism..." /A>for 18.00.

" Andrew Johnson: A Biography" by Hans L. Trefousse

Order in Paper Back "Andrew Johnson..." for under $12.00.

" Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison" by Belle Boyd

Order in Paper Back "Belle Boyd an Camp and Prison..." for under $12.00

" Civil War - The Early Battles (Civil War Regiments, Volume 6) " by Mark Snell

Order in Paper Back "Civil War - The Early Battles..." for under $10.00.

" North Carolina - The Final Battles (Civil War Regiments, Vol 5)" by Mark Snell

Order in Paper Back "North Carolina - The Final Battles..." for under $10.00.

" Conceived In Liberty: Joshua Chamberlain, William Oates and the American Civil War" by Mark Perry

Order in Hardcover "Conceived In Liberty..." for under $20.97.

" Herndon's Informants: Letters, Interviews, and Statements About Abraham Lincoln" by Douglas Wilson, Rodney Davis

Order in Hardcover "Herdon's informant..." for under $49.95.

" Lee's Fighting General: Bryan Grimes of North Carolina" by T. Harrell Allen

Order in Hardcover "Lee's Fighting General..." for under $18.00.

" Railrod Generalship: Foundations of Civil War Strategy" by Christopher R. Gabel

Order in Hardcover "Railroad Generalship..." Price not yet determined..

" Wearing of the Gray: Being Personal Portraits, Scenes and Adventures of the War" by John Esten Cooke

Order in Paper Back "Wearing of the Gray..." for under $16.00.


" As If It Were Glory: Robert Beecham's Civil War From Iron Brigade to the Black Regiments" by R. K. Beecham, Michael E. Stevens

Order in Hard cover "As If It Were Glory..." for under $29.00.

"Civil War Boston: Home Front and Battlefield" by Thomas O'Connor

Order in Hardcover "Civil War Boston..." for under $27.00.

"Commanding Boston's Irish Ninth: The Civil War Letters of Colonel Patrick R. Guiney, Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry" by Christian G. Samito

Order in Hardcover "Commanding Boston's Irish Ninth..." for under $30.00.

"In The Midst of Perpetual Fetes: The Making of American Nationalism 1776-1820" by David Walstreicher

Order in Hardcover "In The Midst of Perpetual Fetes..." for under $46.00.

"Liddell's Record" by St. John Richardson, Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes

Order in Paper Back "Liddell's Record..." for under $10.00.

"Louisiana Sugar Plantations During The Civil War" by Charles P. Roland

Order in Paper Back "Louisiana Sugar Plantations..." for under $12.00.

"The Pride of Confederate Artillery: The Washington Artillery in the Army of Tennessee" by Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes

Order in Hardcover "The Pride of Confederate Artillery..." for under $21.00.

"Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife: An Autobiography" by Mrs. John A. Logan

Order in Paper Back "Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife..." for under $20.00.

"The Sigel Regiment: The 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865" by James S. Pula

Order in Paper Back "The Sigel Regiment..." for under $24.00.

"Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves: Race War and Monumnet in Nineteenth Century America" by Kirk Savage

Order in Hardcover "Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves..." for under $36.00.

"The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865" by Eliza Frances Andrews

Order in Paper Back "The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl..." for under $14.00.

"Civil War Generals: Looking Into The Past" JUVENILE TITLE by Dan Harmon

Order in Library binding "Civil War Generals..." for under $17.00.

"Collis' Zouaves: The 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War" by Edward J. Hagerty

Order in Hardcover "Collis' Zouaves..." for under $21.00.

"Commander in Chief: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War" JUVENILE TITLE by Albert Marrin

Order in Paper Back "Commander in Chief..." for under $18.00.

"The Confederate Navy: The Ships, Men and organization, 1861-1865" by William N. Still

Order in Hardcover "The Confederate Navy..." for under $42.00.

"Nine Months to Gettysburg: The Vermonters Who Broke Pickett's Charge" by Howard Coffin

Order in Hardcover "Nine Months to Gettysburg..." for under $21.00.

Hope you found something of interest!

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