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Grant and Lee.....

" Lee's dispatches: Unpublished Letters of Robert E. Lee, C.S.A., to Jefferson Davis and The War Department of The Confederate States of America" Douglas S. Freeman, Editor

If you are at all serious in a study of Lee, this volume is essential. Lee was direct, honest and convincing in these letters to Davis and the War Department.

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" Lee" by Douglas Southall Freeman

The single volume version of Freeman's prize winning Lee biography. Freeman offered more insight into Lee than any other biographer.

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" General Lee: A Biography of Robert E. Lee" by Fitzhugh Lee

Fitzhugh Lee is noted as a soldier son of Robert E. Lee and not as an author or historian. This biography is written from an obviously biased point of view. Still, any figure of the size of Lee is interesting when seen from an intimate's view point. So this book has it's value.

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" The Marble Man: Robert E. Lee and His Image In American Society" by Thomas Lawrence Connelly

The man left the army he had been a major part of for decades and within days was commanding forces sworn to fight that army. He claimed to oppose secession and went willingly into the service of secessions' leaders. He was only briefly in command of troops exclusive to his native state yet he had said he would raise his sword only in her defense. He subsequently commanded troops of a new nation and marched into the old on two major occasions on missions of invasion. Who was this Robert E. Lee and what was within him that makes us view him as a hero today?

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" Lee and Grant: A Dual Biography" by Gene A. Smith

Several ventures in dual biography have been made with Lee and Grant. This is a particularly good one. Lee's popularity has risen over the years while Grant's has fallen but Smith takes us back into their own times. We find that Grant was a man of flaws but great personal courage and that Lee was a man of integrity but great flaws as well. A good study of two intriguing human beings.

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" Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, (With Selected Letters)" by U. S. Grant

The Grant memoirs are among the best literature ever in autobiographies. This edition comes with the added bonus of selected letters which bring additional insights into this kind and gentle man. His memoirs are filled with his warmth of character, sense of purpose and deep compassion. A deeply moving book written by Grant in the last year of his life as he raced against the cancer that killed him.

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" Grant: A Biography" by William S. McFeely

The book gets high marks over-all and very high marks for the post war years and Grant's Presidency. That's how the author of "In Their Own Words: Robber Barons And Radicals", T. J. Stiles sees it. He says, "An outstanding work-- especially on the post Civil War era." He also says the great strength of the work is in thetwo terms Grant spent in the white house, "one of the finest portraits of this dramatic, pivotal era filled with everything from indian wars to staggering political corruption to the first great struggle over civil rights."

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" Campaigning With Grant" by Horace Porter

"Classic" is an over worked word but this IS one. This is the Grant book quoted nearly as often as the General's own memoirs in the past one hundred years. I found it most readably written and chocked full of anecdotal history and insight. A must for the Civil War Library. It is a charming combination of history and persoanl human memoir.

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" Grant Moves South: 1861-1863" by Bruce Catton

After many decades the Bruce Catton series on General Grant is still the definitive work on his Civil War career. It would be difficult to know Grant without reading Catton. It would be impossible to know the Civil War without knowing Grant. What's wonderful is that Catton also happens to be one of the very best writers of American history where readability is concerned. This is the first book in the Catton series on Grant. It is a cliche', I know but,,, it truly does read like a novel,,, a darned good novel!

Order in Paper Back "Grant Moves South..." for under $15.00.

" Grant Takes Command: 1863-1865" by Bruce Catton

This is the Second in Catton's Grant series and takes the General from his rise to command of the Union Armies to the end of the war. The New York Times called this series "A Historic Achievement!"

Order in Paper Back "Grant Takes Command..." for under $13.00.

The other Generals -----

"General William J. Hardee: Old Reliabkle" by Nathaniel Cheairs

A reader writes, "Hughes does an excellent job of assessing Hardees' performance during each (Civil War) campaign and battle. To his credit, he is more inclined than most biographers to be critical of his subject when warranted..." Hardee is perhaps most famous for writing the "Hardees' Tactics" book when was the training manual for both the North and the South. But his participation in the Civil War itself is most interesting. This book will be a good addition to the biography section of your shelves!

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" Burnside" by William Marvel

Burnside takes the blame for some big mistakes as a Union General but Marvel writes about his less talked about successes too. I. E. an important victory on the North Carolina shore in 1862 and his successful defense of Knoxville in 1863. In this book the man who gave us the term "side-burns" is also revealed as an honest, patriotic and like-able man who did his best. This is a solid work of biography.

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" Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company" by Andrew Lytle

Reprint Edition. Has anyone read this? Please e-mail us. I would like to know more about it!

Order in Paper Back "Bedford Forrest..." for under $23.00.

"General Leonidas Polk C.S.A.: The Fighting Bishop" by Joseph H. Parks

I have always regarded Polk as a fascinating character in the Civil War. This book proves he was. A Bishop who was as fierce in defending his belief in the Confederacy as he was in his religious beliefs. And he just may have been a better General than he is often given credit for. You will also find that his life outside the Civil War is an interesting read.

Order in Paper Back "General Leonidas Polk C.S.A...." for under $16.00.

" Citizen Sherman: A Life of William Tecumseh Sherman" by Micheal Fellman

A controversial biography of U. S. Grant's right hand man. There is much intriguing exploration of Sherman's mind here. Thaty is what makes the book controversial. Fellman draws many a conclusion based upon his own reasoning after reading Sherman's letters and other documents. Psycho-analysis via papers well over a century old is dicey business to say the least. Especially when the subject was as complex as Sherman. But this is a very readable text and one well worth your effort.

Order in Paper Back "Citizen Sherman..." for under $22.00.

" General A. P. Hill: The Story of A Confederate Warrior" by James I. Robertson

Hill was arguably as important to the Confederacy as Jackson or Stuart but far less has been written about him. This work draws on recently unearthed documents. It provides a gripping battle-by-battle look at Hill's role in the fights at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and other battles.

Order in Paper Back "General A. P. Hill..." for under $12.00.

" James Longstreet: Lees' War Horse" by Bryan Conrad, H. J. Eckenrode

Longstreet was a man of war of course. Here we get a chance to see that he was more too. He was a man of temper and courage who dared to disagree even with Robert E. Lee. He dared to keep his friendship with U. S. Grant too. And many in the south never forgave him for that. This is a very good study of a man more complex than is generally recognized.

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" Jeb Stuart: The Last Cavalier" by Burke Davis

Here is Stuart in all his regalia, dash and dare! And the highly readable Burke Davis shows him as a man of intelligence and military cunning too. Then where was he on day one at Gettysburg?

Order in Hard cover "Jeb Stuart..." for just under $10.00.

" Jubal: The Life and Time of General Jubal A. Early, Defender of The Lost Cause" by Charles B. Osborne

Pugnacious. Erratic. Eloquent. Clever. Jubal Early was all of these things. One wonders if his reputation in history would have fared better had he not tried so hard to protect it after the war! He is remembered for his failure to take Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg and his under estimation of Phil Sheridans forces in 1864 but he made many successes too. His life is excellently explored in this book.

Order in Hard cover "Jubal..." for under $21.00.

" Leader of The Charge: A Biography of General George E. Picket" by Edward G. Longacre

The first full length biography of General Picket in over a hundred years attempts to set the record straight on a renowned figure of the Confederate army. On the extremes, Picket is demonized or idolized but Longacre leads the reader to a position in the middle. Was he in the right place during the Gettysburg charge since he was not at the head of his columns? Did his off the field brashness carry over into his military decisions. These issues are thoroughly explored here.

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" When The Devil Came Down to Dixie: Ben Butler in New Orleans" by Chester G. Hearn

This book is not out yet but you can order now and we'll ship it right along as soon as it comes out. I am looking forward to seeing it. Butler is a long despised figure and of course was much maligned during his New Orleans days, even by some northerners. This book will shed some light not only on his mistakes but on the tremendous obstacles he faced there as well.

Order in Hard cover "When the Devil Came Down to Dixie..." for under $19.00.

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