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Here you will find books and notes our visitors have requested. If you have a Civil War question, a specific book you want, a book about a particular subject or person just e-mail us at the link found at the bottom of each of our pages.

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The "Bucktails!"
Can we get a history of the 42nd Pennsylvania? Probably! "History of the Bucktails" by Rausch Thomson
This history of the 42nd Pennsylvania is out of print BUT Amazon thinks they can find a used copy in 1 to 3 months. If you want them to do this you must order now. When a copy is found, they will notify you of price and condition. Then you will be asked if you wish to go ahead with your order.

Order --- "History of the Bucktails..." for a price to be approved by you!.

The Zouaves!
The "Zouave" units wore those often weirdly colored and designed uniforms and considered themselves crack units. At least one of our sites' visitors has heard this is a good book on them ---
"Zouaves; The First and The Bravest" by Micheal McAfee

Order in Paper Back "Zouaves..." for under $13.00.

Can you get "Hardee's Tactics?"
Yes! Here it is.....
" Hardee's Infantry Tactics" by William Hardee

This is THE basic book used in training soldiers in the Civil War. Used by both Union and Confederate armies, it contains the essential elements of soldiering and tactics of the era. General William J. Hardee never rose to the status of other southern commanders like Lee and Jackson but the book he had put together before the war made him well known to soldiers of both sides.

Order here-> "Hardee's Infantry Tactics..." for $29.95.

Can you find a book on Lynchburg Va. during the war?
Probably. The following book is listed as "hard to find" by Amazon books. This means they can probably find it in 1 to 3 months. Here is your procedure... Order it now. They will find it and get you word on it's price and condition. Then you can confirm or cancel your order! " Lynchburg in the Civil War..." by George Morris

A full account of this land mark city in military, economic and social terms through the war.

Order ... here for a Price and condition to be determined and approved.

Do you have "The Civil War in Song and Story?"

" The Civil War Song and Story" by F. Moore

This is a hard to find item. Place your order for it and the folks at Amazon will try hard to find a copy. (They think they can find you one.) Once they find it you will make your final choice of whether to order once they advise you of the price of the book!

Order "The Civil War in Song and Story..." for a price to be agreed upon by you.

"Is there a good book on cavalry operations early in the war?"

Here is a good one just recently published....

" The Raiders of 1862" by James D. Brewer

During 1862 Southern Cavalry Generals Armstrong, Forrest and Morgan conducted raids which had both short term and long term effects on Federal operations in the Mississippi Valley, Kentucky and Tennessee. This book is a terrific look at the tactics of these raids and their relative degrees of success. Diary accounts, detailed map studies, memoirs and even battlefield relic recoveries were used in creating this book. There is information here which has not been published before and a sense of "being there" with each commander as he executes his mission.

Order in Hard cover "The Raiders of 1862..." for under $40.00.

Some good books on the Petersburg campaign?

" The Last Citadel: Petersburg, Virginia June 1864- April 1865" by Noah Andre Trudeau

Kirkus reviews called this book "A great achievement in mastering and interpreting vast material." Here is a terrific story of Grant and Lee matching wits for the 11 month siege that ended the war. In addition to a wealth of official records and reports you will find an array of letters and diaries and newspaper accounts were also used in the telling of this great human drama.

Order in Hard cover "The Last Citadel..." for under $17.00.

" The Battle of The Crater" by Jeff Kinard

To tunnel under the enemy lines at a strategic point, set off a huge blast and then attack was a great idea. But it ended in tragedy. Kinard's book is a detailed examination of what happened and why. All through the last year of the war Grant had trouble getting his subordinate generals to execute plans well. No where did things go more wrong than here. But this is also a story of individual heroism on both sides. The explosion at The Crater was the biggest any army had set off up to that time. It was shocking and it was terrifying and it brought out the best and the worst in men.

Order in Paper Back "The Battle of The Crater..." for under $10.00.

So... What did the Ninth Ohio do in the war? The Ninth was a regiment made up primarily of German immigrants and they saw some tough action. There was a book called "We Were The Ninth..." but it is now out of print. HOW-EVER The folks at Amazon think they can find a copy of it for delivery within a few months.

" We Were The Ninth, A history of The Ninth Ohio Regiment" by Constantin Grebner

An old unit history republished in 1987. It's too bad so many of these are out of print but in this case we think we can find a copy. Amazon books will do the searching. Simply click on the order link below and follow Amazon's process as it comes up. They will notify you of the book's condition and price BEFORE you make any committment.

Order in Unknown binding... "We Were The Ninth..." Price to be determined.

What about black soldiers in the Civil War?

Blacks as soldiers in the Civil War. There is not a huge mass of literature on the subject. But there is some at least; particularly about Union black soldiers. Confederate blacks? Rare find indeed. But we do have a little! ... If you know of a good book about the Black experience in the Confederate army, PLEASE e-mail us. We have a customer who is in great need! We list our finds a bit farther down on this page.

Note... The black NON-soldier was a good soldier indeed for the Confederacy...Any army needs its' cooks as well as its' infantry; it's nursesas well as its' artillery men; its' camp cleaners as well as its' cavalry. These essential tasks were generally performed in both armies by enlisted men. But in the Confederate forces there was another significant contributor. The black slave.

He was usually the servent of an officer, (They tended to be the Confederates who could afford slaves.) but occasionally he belonged to enlisted men too. In most cases he appears to have come along quite willingly and many times soldier and slave had a real and affectionate bond between them. The black servant would stay well back from the fireing during a battle. (Though in some cases he became so imbued with the excitement of battle or the cause of his masters' safety he would shoulder a musket and move out to take his chances with the soldiers.) At the end of a battle he would load himself up with canteens of water and strike out in search of his owner. If he found that owner wounded he would tend to him and seek the assistance of a doctor. If dead, he would care for the body and see to its' burial or escort it home.

The black non-soldier was often a mess cook too. 4 to 8 men would "chip in" to pay his maintenance and have their food prepared and maybe their other "house keeping" duties done in camp as well. The black non-soldier would also act as messenger, boot blacker, laundry boy and mail man.

No one really knows how many of these black non-soldiers there were. By far most slaves were unable to read and write so not much, (if any) correspondence by them survives and of course they were not mentioned in muster rolls. But there were enough to provide a real service to the Confederate armies. How-ever.....

It would also be easy to make too much of black servents and even black soldiers in the Confederate cause. The overwhelming acceptance by blacks of the Union armies, the huge numbers who ran for freedom when the war allowed, the entire history of the war in fact, gives ample indication that the black had some idea of what "freedom" meant. And the black wanted it.--- Scott Brundage Primary source for the above is "The Life of Johnny Reb" by Bell Irvin Wiley, availble to order from our home page.

Now to the books we do have on black soldiers... Again, if you can help in this area, please e-mail us.

Black Confedarates: Soldiers and Civilians

" The Forgotten Confederates: An Anthology About Black Southerners" Charles Kelly Barrow, Editor

The Title says what we know.

Order in Paper Back "The Forgotten Confederates..." for under $14.00.

"Black Southerners in Gray" by Richard Collins

A good over view of the Black soldier experience in the Confederate armies.

Order in Paper Back "Black Southerners in Gray..." for under $14.00.

"The Black Phalanx: African American Soldiers in the War of Independence, the War of 1812 and the Civil War" by Joseph T. Wilson

The title says what we know!

Order in Paper Back "The Black Phalanx..." for under $17.00.

"Fighting Men: A Chronicle of Three Black Civil War Soldiers" by John Zubritsky

Order in hard cover "Fighting Men..." for under $16.00.

" The Black Infantry in The West- 1869 to 1891" by Arlen L. Fowler

This is obviously POST Civil War period but it is a good "follow up" piece to the Civil War.

Order in Paper Back "The Black Infantry in The West..." for under $11.00.

The Good Old 59th!

We also had a customer request for a history of the 59th Ohio Infantry. We couldn't find it. Can you help?

But we did find a book with a "59th" in it. (Found a few of them in fact!) The title and author of this one just grab me. Imagine a hard riding cavalry man with MOSS in his name! You figure he took some jibes from his buddies?

"The Rough Side of The War: The Civil War Journal of Chesley A. Mosman, 1st Lieutenant, Company D, 59th Illinois Infantry " by Chesley A. Mosman

It just looks good to me!

Order in hard cover "The Rough Side of The War..." for under $25.00.

Remember, If you have Civil War questions or special book requests, just e-mail us at the address found at the bottom of this page!

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