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The Civil Wars' letters, diaries and memoirs are here! This is the real Civil War as lived and fought by the men and women of the Blue and the Gray.

" A Wisconsin Boy in Dixie: The Civil War Letters of James K. Newton" by Stephen Ambrose - Editor

James Newton was literate, knowledgable and intuitive. And he was thrust into being a soldier at the age of 18. He experienced Shiloh, Corinth, the Red River campaign and Vicksburg among many other important Civil War battles and duty stations. You will find no first person account which details these major events with better thought or literary ability. Newton also wrote with a sense of humor which he describes as "the soldier's best friend." Don't miss this informative and emotional account of a soldier's experience from being a private earkly in the war to becoming an officer bedore it's end in 1865.

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" Civil War Nurse: The Diary and Letters of Hannah Ropes" by Hannah Ropes

This book happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Hannah Ropes was an opinionated, outspoken, lioness and a delightful person. At least that is what I read in her letters and diary. She was also loving, dedicated and most effective. Her life before the war had been that of a writer and an activist. During the war she quite literally worked herself to death as a nurse in a Washington D.C. hospital. There is much to learn of Civil War medicine and politics in this book. There is more to learn about what a dedicated American can accomplish as a volunteer.

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"Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison" by Belle Boyd

One of the Civil War's most famous spies, Belle first gained notoriety when she killed a Union soldier in her home in 1861. From then on her life was one of intrigue and harrowing adventure. This memoir was first published by Boyd in 1865. The new edition includes analysis and comment from Sharon Kennedy-Nolle and Drew Faust with comments on the value of the memoir to historians.

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" Inside Lincoln's White House: The Complete Civil War Diary of John Hay" by John Hay

John Hay was a prolific worker and diarist. No one was closer to Lincoln in the White House than Hay. This re-issue of his complete diary is expected to be out soon. You may order now and we will ship the book to you as soon as it is released by the publisher.

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" Army Life of an Illinois Soldier: Including a Day-By-Day Record of Sherman's March to the Sea: Letters and Diary of Charles W. Wills" by Charles Wills, (Mary E. Kellog, Editor)

One reader called Wills, "An unusually observant and articulate soldier." Midwest Book Reviews said this book presents a "Unique voice and a marvelous addition to any... Civl war collection."

Wills entered the army a private and rose to the rank of Major by the age of 24. He saw many major actions including Vicksburg to Atlanta and many changes in perspective as well. He went from aversion to blacks to an advocate of arming them. In effect he went from boyhood to manhood and chronicled the journey.

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"Turned Inside Out: Recollections of a Private Soldier in the Army of the Potomac" by James McPherson - Editor

Wilkeson's memoir is terrific! McPherson best describes it in his introduction. (The memoir is) "unlike most others by Civil War Veterans who tended to romanticize and sometimes glorify the experiences they went through... His emphasis on the seamy, unheroic, horrific side of war is a healthy corrective to romanticism."

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" Blue-Eyed Child of Fortune: The Civil War Letters of Robert Gould Shaw" by Russel Duncan (Editor)

The commander of the nations premier black regiemnt the Fifty-fourth Massacheusetts, wrote 200 letters home. Here they are. The portrait that emerges from them is of a heroic young man more complex than the famed movie "Glory" showed him to be. These are uncommonly clear and reflective letters from the commander who died at the age of 26 with many of his troops.

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"The Civil War Letters of Joshua K. Callaway" by Judith Lee Hallock (Editor)

Callaway began in April of 1862 as an ardent Confederate Jr,. officer. By November of 1863 he was a battle weary veteran who wanted mainly to go home. From Kentucky through Chickamauga and the Chattanooga battles he saw tough action and great tragedy. His twice weekly letters home provide an articulate an poignant record of a confederate at war in the west.

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" The Civil War Diary of Sarah Morgan" by Charles East (Editor)

Portions of this diary were published to wide acclaim in 1913 and again in the early 1960's. This edition includes all that this smart and witty young Louisiana woman wrote in the Civil War years. Sarah is a young lady you will come to know and like very much indeed. (She went on to become one of the first women in the United states to recieve by-lines in major city newspapers so she had a good deal of writing talent.) You will also see a great deal of growing up done by Sarah Morgan. In the beginning she is an 18 year old who has grown up in a closed and "refined" life but is mourning the deaths of her father and a brother. (The brother died in a duel near New Orleans.) By the end she is a "veteran" of the war who has dodged cannon balls in the streets of her home town and met the enemy and found him to be human too. A great read!

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" Dear Mr. Lincoln: Letters to the President" by Harold Holzer (Editor)

A look at the people of America as Abraham Lincoln saw them in his daily correspondence. Most letters took him to task for actions ranging from how he directed the war to how he selected somone ELSE for a patronage job. This is an insightful and amuse collection of letters. Preachers and farmers and businessmen and mothers all had advice or admonishments for Lincoln. A few had useful suggestions. This book paint a portrait of the Union you could see in no other way. And added and important asset of the book is the history of the President's "staff" and how they handled his mail and schedule. That staff grew by 300% while he was in office,,, from 1 to 3 people.

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"Liddell's Record" by AUTHOR

As a prominent Louisina planter and military leader in the Army of Tennessee, St. John Richardson Liddell traveled in the upper circles of the Confederacy. He penned these memoirs for his sons in 1866. Liddells' assessment of why the Confederacy failed offers blunt criticism of his fellow soldiers and the Confederate leadership rarely found in such personal accounts. A good addition to anyone's "first person" library on the Civil War.

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" Diary of a Yankee Engineer: The Civil War Story of John H. Westervelt, Engineer, 1st New York Volunteer Engineer Corps" by John H. Westervelt

Westervelt wrote a fascinating account of his life as a Union engineer and thje perils that occupation brought him. A couple of reader comments... "For all buffs searching for information on engineering units, this is the one! Run out and get it!" And... "An incredible on-site account."

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" Diary From Dixie" by Mary Boykin Chesnut

Most Civil War readers have seen this book quoted by writers. There is good reason. It is a well writtten account of life among the southern influential in the Civil War. And it is written by a woman of intense loyalty to the cause yet able and willing to question much of what that cause was doing. Mrs. Chesnut's husband was an advisor to President Davis and the Chesnuts were well connected in the society of southern leadership. She provides terrific views of the personal side of the Confederate elite.

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" Berry Benson's Civil War Book: Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter" by Berrey Benson

Mr. Benson saw some action! He was a Confederate scout who witnessed the Civil War from Fort Sumter to Appomattox. He was a letter writer and diarist who finished his memoirs in 1878. Among his "adventures" was an escape via tunnel from Elmira Prision. The book was originally published by U. of Georgia Press in 1962.

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"John Ransom's Andersonville Diary" by Ransom

John Ransom was 20 years old in 1863 when he became and Andersonville prisoner. His extensive diary of that experience is a classic. Publisher's Weekly called this "A great adventure...observant, eloquent and moving." This book takes a little time for shipment, 3 to 4 weeks, but is well worth the wait.

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"Personal Memoirs of John H. Brinton: Civil War Surgeon. 1861-1865" by Brinton

Brinton was of the social elite of Philadelphia and one of the best educated physicians of his time. This is a huge volume of just under 1,500 pages. As a high ranking medical officer he was able to comment on the tragedy that was Civil War medicine. And also came to close contact with many of the Union's most famous generals and was on Grants staff during the General's western campaigns. His comments on Grant are most insightful.

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"An Uncommon Soldier: The Civil War Letters of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, Alias Private Lyons wakeman..." by Wakeman

A simple young farm girl from New York State became Private Wakeman, Civil War soldier in 1862. Her letters are the only known collection of a woman who posed as a man during the war. She tells of serving in the defenses of Washington D. C. and in the Red River campaign as well. Unfortunately she did not survive the war but her letters are a gem of a collection.

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"The War Time Journal of a Georgia Girl" by Eliza Frances Andrews, Jean V. Berlin - Editor

The full range of Confederate Anger and despair late in the Civil war is reflected in this young woman's diary. Eliza Andrews was the daughter of a prominent southern judge who dis-approved of secession. Eliza traveled across Georgia in the final months of the war and had no good to say at all of General Sherman.

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"Wartime Washington: The Civil War Letters of Elizabeth Blair Lee" by Lee

These letters from a member of a prominent Naval family to her husband are a wonderful mix of gossip and history. She was the daughter of Lincoln advisor Francis P. Blair and a sister of both Postmaster Montgomery Blair and union General Frank Blair. "Lizzie" emerges from these letters as a strong willed and insightful woman who was a far cry from the stereotype of the "passive" 19th century woman.

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 "A Rising Star of Promise: The Civil War Odyssey of David Jackson Logan, 17th South Carolina Volunteers."" by David Logan, Jason Silverman - Editor

Logan's letters, and diary are meldded together with newspaper accounts and a running history of his experiences in this wonderful book. Action on the Atlantic coastline, 2nd Manassas, Vicksburg, Petersburg and other sites are all related with clarity and insight. The 17th., one of South Carolina's storied regiments get's it's due on a very good book.

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