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"Battle Chronicles of the Civil War" --- James McPherson, Editor

A six volume set. 40 authors contribute about 100 articles to this lavishly illustrated collection detailing the significant battles of the Civil War. You will find heavy emphasis on original source material including letters records and diaries.

Volumes 1 through 5 detail battles like Antietam, Gettysbrug, Vicksburg and others. Volume 6 provides biographies of major Civil War figures and a comprehensive index and reading list.

This set will be a valued, well used and beatiful part of your library!

Order in Hardcover "Battle Chronicles of the Civil War..." for about $150.00.


" The Gleam of Bayonets" by James Murfin

The book is a superb study of General McLellan's flaws, Lee's march north, the South Mountain battle and the Antietam fight. When I finished it, I had a far more clear picture of what Antietam meant to each side and how UNfortunate Lee was but how fortunate he was too!

Order in Paper Back "The Gleam of Bayonets... " for under $15.00.

" Landscape Turned Red, The Battle of Antietam" by Stephen Sears

Antietam was the bloodiest single day of the war. Sears captures the heroism and shear terror of both sides equally well. The book has excellent analysis as well but this one is a bit more of centered on the battle experience itself. Winner of the Fletcher-Platt Award for best non fiction book on the Civil War.

Order in Paper Back "Landscape Turned Red " for under $13.00.

" Antietam: The Soldiers' Battle" by John Micheal Priest

This is the battle from the point of view of the common enlisted man; North and South. The book also includes 72 detailed maps to describe the battle in hourly and quarter hourly formats.

Order in Hard Cover "Antietam: The Soldiers' Battle " for under $14.00.


" Atlanta & The War" by Webb Garrison

This is a fascinating look at one of the key cities of the Confedarcy, at life within it and fighting in and around it. Everything happened in Atlanta from greed to sacrifice. The story of Atlanta is the story of people in battle and much, much more.

Order in Hard Cover "Atlanta & The War" for under $14.00.

Bull Run

" Battle at Bull Run" by William C. Davis

The battle is famous for it's Union sight-seeing parties and Stonewall Jackson getting his name. But this was a place where all participants were on a learning curve. For instance,,, William T. Sherman told the troops of his command not to duck under the trees as Southern artillery kept crashing near by. He was proudly mounted on his horse to show his bravery. He had just made the stern statement not to worry when a Confederate ball smashed through branches just above him. HE ducked immediately with a sheepish grin. Ever after the boys thought "Uncle Billy" was an alright commander.

Order in Hard Cover "Battle at Bull Run " for under $14.00.

2nd Bull Run

" The 2nd Bull Run Campaign" by David G. Martin

This book traces not only the battle but how the armies came to be there to start with.

Order in Hard Cover "The 2nd Bull Run Campaign " for under $18.00.


" Chancellorsville" by Stephen Sears

This is a "page turner" No battle is better suited for a book. Hooker had a plan that was actually quite good. "Fighting Joe" looked like he might back up his own bluster. Lee took a huge chance and split his army. Was Hooker to stunned by an artillery shell to think clearly? Did he just turn timid? Could Lee move his army portions swiftly enough and with enough force to trap his more numerous foe? And there is splendid coverage of the wounding and death of Stonewall Jackson. The loss of this one man was a greater blow to Lee than the victory was a boost.

Order in Hard Cover "Chancellorsville " for under $25.00.


" Chattanooga: A Death Grip on The Confederacy" by James Lee McDonough

The outlook for the major Union army of the west was bleak indeed at Chattanooga until the arrival of General Grant. Just whipped at Chickamauga the Federals beat it back for their base and were hemmed in by Bragg's Confederates. They had no way out and virtually no way to bring supplies in.

This book tells a riveting story of Confederate command controversy, innovative moves made by Grants' men to prepare for "The battle above the clouds" and the legendary charge up Missionary Ridge that broke the Southern army and paved the way for Shermans' march to Atlanta and then to the sea. This may be the best "battle book" I have read!

Order in Paper Back "Chattanooga..." for under $14.00.


"The Terrible Sound: The Battle of Chickamauga " by Peter Cozzens

Chickamauga as a Confederate victory might have been seen by history as a major turning point in the war. But then Chattanooga happened. Still that gapeing hole in the Union line at Chickamauga and the Confederate soldiers rushing through it was a high moment for the men in Gray. This is their story.

Order in Hard Cover "The Terrible Sound..." for under $28.00.


" The Fredericksburg Campaign..." by Edward James Stackpole

It was in this battle that Robert E. Lee said "It is good that war is so terrible, else we should come to love it too much." It was in this battle that a good and decent man named Ambrose Burnside proved what he himself had said all along. That he was not qualified to command the Army of The Potomac. Perhaps the most disasterous charges of the war took place when the Federals made their assaults on Maryes heights yet they had some high moments elsewhere on the field.

Order in Paper Back "The Fredericksburg Campaign..." for under $12.00.


" The Battle of Gettysburg" by James A. Corrick

This book gives you the full scope of Gettysburg. That July fourth week was a twin disaster for the Confederacy as Lee lost at Gettysburg and they lost control of the key city and river access at Vicksburg Mississippi. (NOTE this book is back ordered and may take two to three weeks for delivery.)

Order in Hard Cover "The Battle of Gettysburg..." for under $27.00.

Pea Ridge

" Pea Ridge Civil War Campaign in The West" by William L. Shea & Earl J. Hess

A battle not often writtn about but one of substantial significance in the west.

Order in Hard Cover "Pea Ridge..." for under $23.00.


" Shiloh, in Hell Before Midnight" by James L. McDonough

From interesting side-light stories like the young lady who rushed south on the hunch that her husband needed her and found him in time to hold him as he died, to the major decisions that guided the battle, this book is outstanding. It is tougher on Grant than some (including me) believe the General deserves but it is still a remarkable battle history. Shiloh was the battle which opened the southern heart-land to northern attack. Once the loss at Shilo occured, Corinth, Vicksburg, Chatanooga and Atlanta followed. Shiloh was also the battle which showed North and South just how intense and horrible this war they had wrought would be. A must read!

Order in Paper Back "Shiloh, in Hell Before Midnight..." for under $14.00.

" Shiloh: The Battle That Changed The Civil War" by Larry J. Daniel

Just published in 1997, this is latest in the line of books on Shiloh. I have not yet read it but surely the title is true! As with any of our books, if you have read this one and would like to share your views of it with others, please use our e-mail link at the bottom of our pages!)

Order in Hard Cover "Shiloh: The Battle That..." for under $19.00.


" The Web of Victory, Grant at Vicksburg" by Earl Schenk Miers

Miers takes a very complex campaign and lays it out in a most logical manner. In addition he writes well. This is the story of the full campaign including terrific coverage of life within the beseiged city. If you have been confused about Vicksburg and it's importance, this is the book for you! I have enjoyed it several times.

Order in Paper Back "The Web of Victory..." for under $12.00.

"Grant Wins The War: Decision at Vicksburg" by James R. Arnold

I have always believed that Shilo was the battle from which the south could not recover. That aside, author James Arnold places the point of no return at Vicksburg. Here is the full story of Grant's Vicksburg campaign in all it's brilliance and set-backs too. Arnold asserts that it was a campaign equal in greatness to the best of Napoleon. The character studies of Grant, Jefferson Davis and General Pemberton among others are terrific. And in this book, the unequaled impact of Vicksburg on the defeat of the south is well argued.

Order in Hard Cover "Grant Wins the War: Decision at Vicksburg..." for under $25.00.

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