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"Battle Cry of Freedom" by James M. McPherson.

Available in both paper back and hard cover editions, this is one terrific read. Winner of the Pulitzer prize, it has garnered praise from everyone from readers like us to Shelby Foote as an out-standing single volume Civil War history. It is by far the best I have read. McPhersom slights neither social, governemental nor military history in this volume. A great over-view as a gift for someone with a beginning interest in the Civil War and a wonderful book for keeping the more serious student of the war focused.

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"Drawn With the Sword: Reflections on the American Civil War" by James. M. McPherson

McPherson has gathered the cream of Civil War essays into a single volume. A great work by this Pulitzer prize winning author. You will find key essay's on the war divided into five categories including The Origins of The Civil War and The Enduring Lincoln. Then within these catagories such topics as The "Glory" Story,,, Lee Dissected,,, and of course much more. And McPherson offers the best of portraits of some of the best known figures of the war too. A brilliantly and critically acclaimed treatment which makes a great companion on the shelf to his prize winning, "Battle Cry of Freedom."

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"The Civil War, A Narrative" by Shelby Foote.

A three volume legend in the field. It's a fabulous work and we make it more affordable.

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"The Day Lincoln Was Shot" by Jim Bishop

In my own opinion this book sets the standard for Lincoln assassination works. Not only was Jim Bishop one of the great newspaper columnists of the 20th century, he was an unsurpassed writer in terms of both style and content. This book will take you through that last tragic day and have you wanting to shout into the box at Fords theatre a warning to Lincoln to duck. It is informing and intense. Well documented. In fact you will not find a better documented and more well reasoned book. Lost in the shadows of time since the early 1960's when it was written, the re-release is timely given the renewed speculation about Booth. This book will put our feet back on the ground.

Order in Hard Cover "The Day Lincoln Was Shot..." for under $15.00.

"Reelecting Lincoln: The Battle for the 1864 Presidency" by John C. Waugh

1864 brought perhaps the most dramatic election for the Presidency in our history. Mr. Waugh captures that drama superbly. In a New York Times review stephen B. Oates wrote,"As popular history, Reelcting Lincoln is highly entertaining. The tension build xquisitely to the climax on Election day which is recounted in dramatic detail..." This is a lively and most informative narrative. Lincoln was privately concedeing defeat just weeks before the election and many still thought his defeat was certain as the polls opened. What was it that turned the election around? Why did George McClellan, so popular with the armies he had commanded fail to get their vote. A great piece of history, very well told.

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"Honor's Voice: The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln" by Douglas L. Wilson

If you could speak to 250 people who knew Lincoln, what portrait of him might emerge? Wilson draws heavily on accounts by 250 people who knew Lincoln and focuses on the man of the 1830's and 1840's. Those were the years in which Lincoln was transformed from local ruffian and hack politician into a greatly effective leader. This is a compeling and even moving story. Wilson, Director of the Center for Jefferson Studies, labored for years to draw together some truely new insights into the formation of the Abe Lincoln who would play such a pivotal role in our nations' history.

Order in Paper Back "Honor's Voice..." for under $25.00.

"Abraham Lincoln and Men of War Times" by Alexander K. McClure.

Here are some personal recollections from folks around Lincoln, of war and politics. I haven't read this one but it looks intriguing to me.

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"Abraham Lincoln Deals With Foreign Affairs" by Jay Monaghan.

I have come across little that deals with Lincoln's thinking on foreign affairs except in an "Oh by the way" way. This book fills a needed slot. There is the Trent affair and England of course but there is also Canada and Mexico and France and Russia. All of which were countries Lincoln could certainly not ignore. Even in the frame work of the 1860's, you have to see the world in order to see America.

Order in Paper back "Abraham Lincoln Deals With Foreign Affairs" for under under $18.00.

"William Henry Seward: Lincoln's Right Hand" by John M. Taylor
Seward was the Secretary of State who first tried to dictate to Lincoln and then became perhaps the President's best friend in Washington. This book chronicles the complex man who wasn't far from being President himself, who engineered "Seward's Folly" (the purchase of Alaska) and who might have caused a war with England had not Lincoln stepped in. Kirkus Reviews describes the book this way, A "sensitive treatment of a dedicated politician and statesman who was sometimes too clever and complex for his own good." "Smoothly written."

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"Gideon Welles: Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy" by John Niven

Gideon Welles was a key witness to the Lincoln years. In this portrait we see a selfless, dedicated and intelligent man whose duties as Secretary of the Navy are often neglected in history. Yert it was under his guidance that the American navy went from nearly nothing to one that would rival the British. Welles was also a prolific diarist who was close to Lincoln. This afforded a remarkable asset as a tool for this biography.

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"Hannibal: The Life of Lincoln's First Vice President" by Mark Scroggins

Just who was this Hannibal Hamlin who was the first Vice President to serve under Lincoln? A fascinating manwho served in the Maine legislature, U.S. House of Representatives and as one of America's most powerful Senators in the 1850s. Midwest Book Review calls this "A very well researched and written biography of one of the least known political influences in the decade preceding the American Civil War." Here is a man who worked hard and well in the service of his country and deserves a bit more than a footnote in it's history.

Order in Hard cover "Hannibal..." for under $53.00.

"Salmon P. Chase: A Biography" by John Niven

He was in Lincoln's cabinet but was he friend or foe? A founder of the Free Soil Party. A Senator. Instrumental in the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Presidential election of 1860. (Was his cabinet appointment really a pay-off for throwing his support to Lincoln at the Chicago convention?) And of course his own abortive effort to challenge Lincoln in 1864. Here was a man of great political complexity yet high integrity. An avid supporter of black freedom and black suffrage and a social liberal on the Supreme Court. This is a terrificly interesting life and a terrific book with which to study it!

Order in Hard cover... "Salmon P. Chase..." for under $29.00.

" Diary of A Yankee Engineer: The Civil War Story of John H. Westervelt, Engineer, 1st New York..." Anita Palladino, Editor

This book was a four year project for Ms. Palladino. Not only is it Westervelt's story in his own words; it is the only such narrative by an engineer that I know of. It is a must read. A couple of other readers like you and me agree. One said it is "an incredible on-site account!" Another said "Run out and get it!" In fact you can get it right here!

Order in Hard cover "Diary of A Yankee Engineer..." for under $19.00.

"Advance And Retreat, Personal Experiences...." by General John Bell Hood.

Hood is widely ostracised today for his tactics against Sherman at Atlanta. But he was widely admired in the Confederacy for some time. The ladies, (includeing Mary Boykin Chestnut) thought him to be wonderful as a gentleman and a hero. He had charm and wit and intelligence. But did he have courage? Or was he a reckless fool? Maybe his own writing provides a clue or two.

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"The Alabama and The Kearsage: The Sailor's Civil War" by William Marvel.

The Alabama was a heroic ship to the Confederates. She had speed and power and dareing-do was her dailey fair. The Confederate economy could be in shambles. Her Congress could be in dis-array. Her Armies could be in tatters. Yet her citizens could hear of, and take heart from, the adventures of this single ship and her defiance of Union might. But her storied career came to and end thousands of miles from home. A stirring story!

Order in Hard Cover "The Alabama and The Kearsage... " for under $25.00.

"After Secession: Jefferson Davis and The Failure of Confederate Nationalism" by Paul D. Escott.

Most written history focuses on the Armies of the North and South or on the policies of Lincoln. Here is a book that delves into the mountain of difficulties Davis faced in trying to create a central government strong enough to wage war. Congress balked at many Davis positions. The states balked at Congress' actions. It took an iron willed intelligence like that of Davis to maintain the fledgling country. But should the iron have bent a little farther than it did and a little more often? Right or wrong, Davis became a much maligned figure during his Presidency though his stature in the hearts of Southerners rose again in the post war period.

Order in Paper back "After Secession: Jefferson Davis and The Failure of Confederate Nationalism" for under under $18.00.

"Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia: A Biography" by Thomas E. Schott

While Georgia remained in the Union, Stephens remained a power house figure in Congress. Then he became the Vice President of the Confederacy. He wrote thoughtfully in letters and other forums. He was a man of fire whom many liked including the Union President Abraham Lincoln. Stephens life story is one as interesting as the story of the Confederacy itself.

Order in Paper Back "Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia..." for under $17.00.

"Breckinridge: Statesman, Soldier, Symbol" by William C. Davis

He was a Presidential candidate in 1860 who promptly went into Confederate military service in 1861. This book details his life as both a politician and General.

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"Andersonville" by Robert Vaughan, David W. Daniels.

No Civil War prison or prison camp was well run. Many thousands on each side died in apalling conditions. The confederate's Andersonville prison is the most famous,,, and perhaps the most infamous as well. This history is based on personal journals and historic records.

Order in Paper back "Andersonville" for under $5.00.

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