Scotty's Pressure-Less Cooking presents Cookbooks Full of Fish and Sea Food!

"Smart Fish Cookbook: 101 Healthful Recipes for Main Courses, Soups, and Salads" by Jane Kinderlchrer

Every way to cook a fish is in here. Broil, Saute, Bake, Grill, Smoke. There are appetizers, gumbos, slads, chowders and main courses involving 26 varieties of fish.

Order in Hardcover "Smart Fish Cookbook..." for under $14.00.

"Friday Is Fish and Shrimp and Scallops and Crab and More (The Everyday Cookbooks)"

A little of just about everything you could look for in food that comes out of the water.

Order in Hardcover "Friday Is Fish and..." for under $11.00.

"Low-Fat Ways to Cook Fish & Shellfish" by Susan McIntosh

Of course fish and shellfish have long been recognized as a real plus in any weight loss program. In this book you will find special recipes for fish, lobsters crab claws, and clams. Ideas for making great dishes ahead are here. And you will find substitution charts too! This is a book full of easy to make ideas!

Order in Paper Back "Hardcover..." for under $14.00.

"Perfect Fish Classics" by Anne Willan

You will find recipes here of course. Great ones. But here you will also find shopping lists for great fish cooking. Even detailed equipment guides!

Order in Paper Back "Perfect Fish Classics..." for under $8.00.

"When Fishermen Cook Fish: Recipes from America's Best and Best Known Anglers" by Rebecca Gray

Those famous fishermen we have seen on T.V. have recipes. But so do many of the other famous folks who happen to fish a lot!Guides and outfitters and actors and artists and more have contributed to this book. You will find 80 terrific resipes and some absolutely wonderful photography too!

Order in Harcover "When Fishermen Cook Fish..." for under $18.00.

"The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook: Great Recipes from Alaska's Rich Kettle of Fish" by Ann Channdonet

Bring Alaska's proud past to the table with this book. A collection of traditional and contemporary recipes, cooking tips, buying and preparing food. There are 150 recipes and even suggestions on obtaining the best of fish by mail order!

Order in Paper Back "The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook..." for under $16.00.

"The Creative Fish and Seafood Cookbook"

Sardines anyone? Well they are in here. So are Mussels a La Genovese and Eel in Red Wine. A hundred and fifty recipes to delight the pallet. Also find some great tips on how to select fish and where seafoods are available.

Order in Hardcover "The Creative Fish and Seafood Cookbook..." for under $10,00.

"James McNair's Fish Cookbook" by James McNair

Methods and recipes are the forte of this book for both fresh water and salt water fish. Tips on cleaning, cutting, cooking and storing the catch of the day are abundant. A great selection of illuistrations too.

Order in Hardcover "James McNair's Fish Cookbook..." for under $20.00.

"Romagnolis' Italian Fish Cookbook: Over 200 Irresistible Italian-Style Fish and Seafood Recipes" by Margaret Romagnoli

The New Orleans Times Picayune called this "A book that should be in every cook's repertoire." Fish and pasta, fish as the main dish, fish in salads and soup. Even fish in quiches and souffles and mousses!

Order in Paper Back "Romagnoli's Italian Fish Cookbook..." for under $13.00.

"A Seafood Celebration: Healthful, Festive, Easy-To-Prepare Recipes for the Casual Cook or the Connoisseur" by Sheryl London, Mel London

The title comes pretty close to describing this one! More than 275 recipes reside within it's covers.

Order in Hardcover "A Seafood Celebration..." for under $31.00.

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