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"The Complete Hamburger: The History of America's Favorite Sandwich" by Ronald L. McConald

The Nephew of the orginal founders of the nation's favorite hamburger chain has had a life-long love affair with the hamburger. Here you will find his favorite restaurants as well as a collection of his favorite recipes and a wealth of burger lore and history too. Just right for the "burger king" in your family! (But don't tell 'em I said that!)

Order in Hard cover "The Complete Hamburger..." for under $15.00.

"The Burger Book" by Honey Zisman, Larry Zisman

O.K. Slapping a burger on the gill and blackening the thing is one way to cook a burger. To get fancy, slap some cheese on it. But heavens there is much more! MORE! And this book takes you through at least a hundred was to go to burger heaven. Fantastic recipes! Deliciumpitious ways to burger! And wait til you see the trimmings and side dishes! Great Low Fat ideas too!

Order in Paper Back ""The Burger Book..." for under $6.00.

"The Burger Meisters : America's Best Chefs Give Their Recipes for America's Best Burgers Plus The Fixin's" by Marcel Delsaulniers

46 American Chefs have contributed complete dishes featureing the Hamburger to compile more than 120 recipe's. Some are for the Gourmet. Others are easier for us "Oops! I'm in a hurry again" cooks. Magnificently illustrated too!

Order in Hard cover "The Burger Meisters..." for under $15.00.

"The Food Lover's Guide to Meat and Potatoes" by Sharon Tyler Herbst

This book puts and end to the naligning of the combo of meat and potatoes where nutrition and taste are concerned. Complete with very helpful charts you will see just how well they really can go together. The recipes are easy to follow and will add a good many creative sparks too!

Order in Hard cover "The Food Lover's Guide to Meat and Potatoes..." for under $14.00.

" Frog Commissary Cookbook" by Steven Poses, Anne Clark, Becky Roller

The Library Journal said "Bright ideas spill out everywhere!" This book is playful and multi ethnic in content. (Often with a strong Thai influence.) One reader wrote "Excellent recipes in a style that encourages exploration of variations. Tp help all who read this.... The side-bar hints and drawings add to the read-a-bility of a really good book."

Order in Paper Back, "Frog Commissary Cookbook..." for under $15.00.

" The Great American Meat Cookbook" by Merle Ellis

Everything you need to know to buy meat wisely and cook it well is in here. Ellis grew up in Iowa where his father was a butcher. He went into the business himself before going into writing and teaching. Mr. Ellis draws on the recipes of the farmers and ranchers he knows and from his own family. The recipes are easy to follow and yet not at all dull. 536 superb recipes will broil, bake, roast, stew, braise, boil, and saute very kind of beef and pork. If you only have room for one meat cookbook on the shelf this should be the one.

Order in Hard cover "The Great American Meat Cookbook..." for under $22.00.

" James McNair's Beef Cookbook" by James McNair

Properly cooking the new leaner beef cuts, use of marinades and some great but easy little "extras" make this cookbook a delight. Try the Spicy Peanut Sauce or Four Pepper Steak or, of course, the Perfect Hamburger. 96 pages of recipes and photographs.

Order in Paper Back "James McNair's Meat Cookbook..." for under $10.00.

" The New Meat Lover's Cookbook" by Janeen Sarlin, Diane Porter

The "Cookery Editors" recommendation said "When you want easy meat dishes with style, this book has good choices." Beef, Pork and Lamb can fit into a healthy life. That is much of the emphasis in this 294 page book. There are sautes, stews, grilled and ground meats and roasts here. All are prepared with ease and in ways in which your family won't even know they are eating healthy.

Order in Hard cover "The New Meat Lover's Cookbook..." for under $18.00.

" The Hot Dog Cookbook: The Weiner Work The World Awaited" by Jess Brallier

And it's about time! What American kitchen has not needed a good old all American hot dog specialists cookbook? These are secrets never before revealed. Why,,, did you know that not all hot dogs require mustard? You will also become a hot-shot hot dog history and triva expert! Brallier has compiled 133 pages with recipes that include hot dogs stuffed, battered, casseroled,,,, even fondued! A must if you aspire to be a Real American!

Order in Paper Back "The Hot Dog Cookbook..." for under $8.00.

" The Smoked Foods Cookbook: How to Flavor, Cure, and Prepare Savory Meats Game, Fish, Nuts and Cheese" by Lue Park, Ed Park

It's hard to say more than the title on this one. If you are a novice this book is especially good. It includes recipes for smoking game, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, jerky, sausages, nuts, and even cheese and pasta. It also has a great list of sources for smokeing equipment.

Order in Hard cover "The Smoked Foods Cookbook..." for under $14.00.

"Everybody Loves Meatloaf : More Than 100 Recipes for Loaves and Fixin's" by Melanie Baranard

Beef of course but shrimp and turkey and slamon and chicken all make the meatloaf plateau these days. The are more variation that you can shake a mixing spoon at. But all can be delicious and easy as pie. You will find taste beef meatloaf in a varitey of tastey twists, veal meatlof, cornbread meatloaf and dilled salmon and meatloaf with salt cod! It's MEATLAOF!

Order in Paper Back "Everybody Loaves Meatloaf..." for under $14.95.

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