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"57 More of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World: The Recipes That Won The Second National Chocolate Chip Cookies Contest" by Honey Zismon, Larry Zismon - Editors

Such delieghts as Hazelnut Kisses, Peanut Butter Gems, Chocolate Chip Strudel Bars and Bob's Butterscotch Treat fill these pages. And there are the very best of the classics too from Ghirardelli and Toll House and more. Here are the very best from the Second National Chocolate Chip Cookies Contest.

Order in Paper Back "57 More of the Chocolate Chip Cookies in The World..." for under $8.00.

"The Great American Chocolate Contest Book" by T.K. Woods

There was a Great American Chocolate cooking contest. Thousands of entries were made. These recipes were judged the 150 very best. (Would have been fun to be the taste tester!) Chocolate Mousse Tort, Top to Bottom Chocolate Cheesecake and Double Mud Bars are among the best.

Order in Hard cover "The Great American Chocolate Contest Book..." for under $15.00.

"Chocolate (The William Sonoma Kitchen Library)" by Lora Brody, Chuck Williams - Editors

One reader says "Bet you can't eat everything in it!" That is a huge challenge. There is so much. Including Chocolate Pecan Quick Bread. Including Ginger Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. Including Poached Pears with chocolate sauce! And including Steam Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate Creme Brulee. You get sumptuous photographs with each recipe too! Great chocolate ideas which may not come to mind until you see them Then. WOW!

Order in Hard Cover... "Chocolate......" for under $15.00.

"Cocolat: Extraordinary Chocolate Desserts" by Alice Medrich

One reader says,"If you love things chocolate and like to make them, then this is the book you have been waiting for!... The book is a pleasure in the hand and a literal feast for the eye. I plan to give it to friends for Christmas." This is a stunning dessert book complete with lavish, mouth watering photographs from the respected expert known to her peers as Madam Cocolat.

Order in Hard cover "Cocolat: Extraordinary Chocolate Desserts..." for under $25.00

"The Chocolate Bible" by Christian Teubner

Here is a history of chocolate throughout the world as well as innovative ideas for cooking chocolate. There are entrees that include chocolate as well delectable candies, cookies, desserts, and cocoas.

Order in Hard cover "The Chocolate Bible..." for under $21.00

"The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook" by Neva Beach

This is a beautifully illustrated treasury of 80 recipes from America's oldest chocolate company. You will find cakes, cookies, sauces, desserts, and even breads and drinks. Illustrations include art work and memorabillia from the archives of the 130 year old Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. One reader said their favorite recipe is for Crunchie Mud Pie, "I have had only rave reviews when I made this for family or friends!"

Order in Paper Back "The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook..." for under $14.00.

"Chocolate: Food of the Gods!)" by Alex Szgoyi

The book traces the history of Chocolate and it's meaning in cultures all across the world. That history leads from Mexico to Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Read of chocolate's roll in folkelore and psychology. This is an intriguing book for any who might like to know the real story behind the Chocolate we love.

Order in Hard Cover ,,, "Chocolate: Food of the Gods!..." for under $55.00.

"Chocolate" by Linda Collister

Dozens of delectable ways too make chocolate. A wonderful Surprise Souffle hot from the oven, Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies; even Chocolate Short Bread! Or brighten a day with Chocolate Cheesecake!

Order in Hard cover "Chocolate..." for under $7.00.

"Choclate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts" by Alice Medrich

In "Chocolate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts" Medrich presents recipes which cut the fat without compromising texture or flavor. For example,,, A Double Chocolate Layer Cake with less than a third of it's calories from fat and Black Bottom Bananas Napoelon made with Chocolate Custard.

Another reader says, "For a person like me who loves fabulous, rich desserts but is trying to fight the battle of the bulge, Chocolate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts" is a GODSEND!."

Order in Hard Cover... "Chocolate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts..." for under $26.00.

"The Book of Chocolate" by Nathalie Bailleux

The book is filled with lavish illustrations and the contributions of a variety of authors who contributed chapters. You will find chocolate history, cultivation, types of chocolate and the great chocolate makers. The New York Times said "Try not to lick the photographs!"

Order in Hard Cover "The Book of Chocolate..." for under $35.00.

" 1001 Chocolate Treats" by Gregg R. Gillespie

The complete compendium of recipes for chocolate cakes, cookies, candies, sauces and every thing else chocolate includeing ice cream! Over 3,000,000 calories in one volume! (We suggest you don't try them all in one day!)

Order in Hard cover "1,001 Chocolate Treats..." for under $14.00.

"The Chocolate Companion: A Connoisseur's Guide the The World's Finest Chocolates" by Chantal Coady

This book does for fine Chocolates what authoritative wines guides have done for fine wines. It is a wonderfully illustrated , comprhensive guide to the finest chocolates in the world. It presents what every chocolate lover will want to know about their passion. Over 200 full color photos. An irresistable and seductive gift for chocolate lovers everywhere.

Order in Hard Cover... "The Chocolate Lover's Companion..." for under $16.00.

" Faye Levy's Sensational Chocolate" by Faye Levy

Over 200 heavenly desserts are featured in this re-issue of an older book with a new title new look and some new content too. Winner of the Best Dessert and Baking category of the International Asscociation of Cooking Professionals/Seagram Cookbook Award. Some 100 great photographs as well.

Order in Paper Back "Faye Levy's Sensational Chocolate..." for under $14.95.

" The Diabetic Chocolate Cookbook" by Mary Jane Finsand

We sometimes joke about how "sinful" Chocolate treats can be but such issues as desserts are very serious indeed to the diabetic. Here is a book which shows diabetics how they too can enjoy the delights of chocolate! 160 delectable pages.

Order in Paper Back "The Diabetic Chocolate Cookbook..." for under $9.00.

"Bake and Freeze Chocolate Desserts: 120 recipes to bake now and enjoy later" by Elinor Klivans

Each recipe in this book gives instruction for doubling so you can enjoy "now" as well as later. And each recipe is selected in part because it will freeze well and taste great latter. 120 chocolate treats from pastry chef and award winning cookbook author Elino Klivans.

Order in Hard cover "Bake and Freeze Chocolate Desserts..." for under $20.00.

"Chocolate Days: Achingly Delicious Recipes When Only Chocolate Will Do" by Laurie Watts

The title says a lot about this dandy of a book. When only chocolate will do, there are achingly delicious Chocolate Mint Clouds, Irish Creme Cheese Cups and Mocha Nirvana! Ummmm Um! And sinfully rich Truffles, moist velvety Mousse! Anyone who has ever had a "chocolate day" knows there is no real chocolate substitute. A delicious book!

Order in Hard Cover ... "Chocolate Days..." for under $11.00.

" Chocolate Fads, Folklore, & Fantasies: 1,000+ Chunks of Chocolate Information" by Linda K. Phd Fuller

The addresses of chocolate companies, a 200 item chocoQuiz, 1,000 bite size chunks of information. Real documentation of America's love affair with chocolate.

Order in Paper Back "Chocolate Fad, Folklore & Fantasies..." for under $20.00.

" Chocolate Ecstasy: 75 of the Most Dangerous Chocolate Recipes ever" by Christine France

This beautiful book describes the versatitlity of chocolate in all of it's forms. An awesome collection of chocolate indulgences. Great recipes and the fun of chocolate with secrets of it's melting, cooking and decorating.

Order in Paper Back "Chocolate Ecstasy..." for under $20.00.

"Death by Chocolate: The Last Word on a Consuming Passion" by Marcel Desaulniers

Says one reader of the book, "Death By Chocolate is an indulgence for all your senses! --- His recidpes are indeed readable and easy to follow and once you finish a recipe hold on for an intense chocolate experience!" Here you will find terrific recipes for cookies, cakes, ice cream, cookies and truffles and much more. Don't miss out on one simply called Chocolate Temptation!"

Order in Hard Cover... "Death by Chocolate..." for under $22.00.

" Chocolate for Breakfast and Tea: B & B Innkeepers Share Their Recipes" by Laura Zahn

Bed and Breakfasts from across the country contributed these recipes. Dark Chocolate Waffles, French Chocolate Coffee Cake, and Toasted Walnut Fudge Bread are just a few of the real treats you'll find here. 121 color photos. This one is really fun!

Order in Paper Back "Chocolate for Breakfast and Tea..." for under $16.00.

"The International Chocolate Cookbook" by Nancy Bagget
Here is the ultimate feast for chocolate lover's senses all over the world. A wonderfully photograhed book which brings you Cherry Cake from the Black Forest,,, Vienneses Truffle Torte,,,, French Mousse and Amrecican Chocolate Layer Cakes. 125 recipes are featured along with more than 50 stunning photographs and clear, reassuring directions. You will find delightful instructions on how to make chocolate boxes, bird nests and leaves and more. A visual and tasteful delight!

Order in Paper Back "The International Chocolate Cookbook..." for under PRICE.

"Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts" by Maida Heatter

Chocoholics Rejoice! Ms. Heatter's perennial classic has everything for the chocolate loving coook! Cookies! Pies! Puddings and more! Each recipe is precisely laid out and you have great tips on cooking techniques and ingredients too!

Order in Paper Back "Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts..." for under $14.00.

"Mr. Food Simply Chocolate" by Art Ginsburg

Mr. Foods' favorite recipes for irresistible Chococolate treats. Breakfast pastries in the morning all the way 'til night time with sinful desserts! There are great chocolate drinks too! And that includes a full chapter which marries chocolate to coffee! This book is sure to satisfy even the most demanding of tastes.

Order in Paper Back "Mr. Food Simply Chocolate..." for under $11.00.

"One Pot Chocolate Desserts: 50 Recipes for Making Chocolate Desserts from Scratch Using a Pot, a Spoon, and a Pan" by Andrew Schloss, Ken Bookman

The title just about says it all! Easy, no fuss recipes you prepare in minutes but taste like the best of gourmet chocolate concoctions! And the variety! Cakes, cookies, brownies, puddings, mousses and tortes too! A minimum of preparation time for a very maximum choclate treat!

Order in Hard Cover... "One Pot Chocolate Desserts..." for under $11.00.

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