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I love cookbooks. I love to read cookbooks. Sometimes have a cook book propped up to read while I am cooking or baking. But it is also a lot of FUN to just ad-lib! And I believe that cooking should ALWAYS be fun. (Which it CAN be.) So here we have an on-line cook book store filled with selections you will enjoy! We will also feature cooking and baking recipes you can make verbatim or just use for inspiration! (Cooking is ADVENTURE too!)

Perfectionism is not our culinary thing. Just good fun resulting in good food!

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Whether it's ad-libbing or following directions cooking should be fun for anyone. And it can be if you take the attitude that you as a cook are just a big happy bear with a great big jug of honey!

At "Scotty's Pressure-Less Cooking!" you will find an online cook book store AND some recipe's I find myself making over and over again. Most of these recipe's are ad-libs my wife, Lori or I liked so well that I took the time to write it down so I could actually make it the same way twice! But you are free to add subtract or multiply as you please. The recipe's are base from which to launch some great ad-libs. (In fact I regard ANY recipe this way! Whether it's on a scrap of paper or in a gold gildded cook book... We SAID "gourmets beware!")

Lip Lickin' Joy!

Our books are nearly all 20% and 30% off the normal retail price!

We work in conjunction with Amazon books to bring you a great selection and great prices!

If there is a book you would like us to get for you or a particular cooking subject you would like to see covered in our selection PLEASE e-mail us. (The address is at the bottom of this page.)

The recipe's are free of course! And we would like your "feed"-back on them too! In fact, if you have a favorite of your own, send it along! We'll test 'em out and feature them right here!

Let's get Cookin'!

No pressure chocolate, folks will think is gourmet!
No pressure beef n' pork n' poultry.
Little or no "guilt" and easy too!
The most fun fish n' sea food cookbooks I've found!
(No pressure ones of course! )

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